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34th Annual Kerrville Folk Festival


2005 Festival Reports


May 26nd - June 12th










Brian Day 10
Busy weekend.. Large crowds.. Met someone from austin who was on the ranch for the first time... His brother (who was with him) had been here many years ago... A fellow yankee fan.. I asked him what brought him to tonight's concert.. He said it was Terri hendrix and Ronny Cox... At the end of the night, i asked him if he was glad he stayed for trout fishing and ruthie foster.. He didn't need to answer, his smile told all..

On a sad note, we had an update on Alan Damron's condition, and it was not positive.. No details, just not doing very well after surgery..

Mainstage began with acoustic edilon.. Strange name, strange instruments... One member of the duo played the cello.. The other played one of 3 guitars.. One guitar was standard, one was a double neck and the third was a double neck, with 7 strings on each neck. The bottom neck was tuned like a banjo, with 2 extra treble strings, and the top neck was tuned like a bass (or a guitar, can't remember) with an extra bass string... He usually played the lower neck with his right hand, and played the upper with his left hand on the neck. Some vocals, but mostly instrumentals..

Ronny Cox and his band (including Jack Williams) were up next with a nice set, and then the heat got turned up... Many in the crowd came out to see terri hendrix, and they were not disappointed..

Trout fishing, now with 3 members, continued the high energy, and were followed by my highlight of the evening, Ruthie Foster with a band along for the rousing ride... The dance floor was packed again (as it was for terri), and on one of the songs, ruthie and the band faded into the background, and let the dance floor carry the tune for more than an entire chorus of the song..

I was hoping for some more energy from the closing act, But Willis allan ramsey's band started off low energy, and carried it through most of their set.. With that energy level, I would have preferred to see them earlier in the evening, and had ruthie close out the night..

It's almost 3AM, and song circles are all over the ranch.. Singkerrnicity, Nashbill, Jack Motley's Camp on This were all rolling, the Tall trout was the center of the circle just downhill from Camp On This. Camp on this has a new look this weekend; the BOSS has shown up.. lura faye is on the ranch.. Arriving on friday, everything is now properly arranged, and jack has been "organized".. Good luck jack.. If organized means the same thing 'round your place as mine, your stuff is now out back.. (waayyyy out back.. )

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn
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