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34th Annual Kerrville Folk Festival


2005 Festival Reports


May 26nd - June 12th










Brian - Catchup thru Day 15
Somewhere in time... Kerrville 2005

Sorry i haven't written.. Guess i haven't wanted to talk with the outside world.. Nothin' personal ya understand.. Of course, if you've ever been here you understand.. If you haven't.. you can't.. it's that simple and that complicated.. all rolled into 1..

1 ...

just 1 ...

The 1 time you're here and you find yourself saying : "i got it!!" "I GOT IT!!"

Sometimes it happens right away... Sometimes, not until your second year here.. But,

If you want to come back home to the ranch; "You got it"

If your vacation starts right around memorial day; "You got it"

If your New Years celebration is the thursday before memorial day, not Jan 1; "You got it"

It's thursday.. I know that because my computer puts it at the bottom right of my screen....

It's the last weekend of this festival.. People are coming back on to the ranch. You can feel the empty spaces filling up... Down here in the lower meadow, it's pretty quiet at 11:30.. It should pick up later.. Most everyone has met their neighbors by now, and if you're like most who live in suburbia, you probably know your kerr-neighbors in 2 weeks here better than your neighbors at home.

Most of the music i hear is coming from elsewhere on the ranch.. from the main bathrooms.. from threadgill... from the big campfire down by the meadow bathrooms.. Coho, nashville, nashbill, all are quiet.. they've gone "up the hill" in search of... Andrew calhoun, jack williams, Gina Forsyth, steve fisher and jamie byrd all playing by the big light near kantigree (sp?)

It's been such a wonderful peaceful week.. I've been having too good a time to want to write much... but, there have been some notable performances at threadgill and some wonderful campfires..

The other night, We're about 9, Mad Agnes, Jack Williams, Mike Williams, Steve Gillette and others played some great stuff at coho... Look for We're about 9 and mad agnes to show up at one of Mike's SOHO pickin parties in NY..

Tonight (friday day 16) promises to be pretty wild... I expect the crowds to be up there along with the ones we saw for judy collins a couple of years ago...

Should be interesting...

We're checking out of the hotel today, and will spend the rest of the festival at the ranch.. No more bread... No more leaving in the morning to go to the hotel..

Marti, are you out there ?? Everyone wants to know where your reports are ??? No slacking round here, this is kerrville!! Enquiring kerrverts want to know..

Tom Shed, sorry we didn't catch up w/ each other... Keep us posted on your florida plans... We probably have some room in one of our driveways for your bus for a couple of days if ya need it..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn
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