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Reviews of the 2005 Kerrville Folk Festival

34th Annual Kerrville Folk Festival


2005 Festival Reports


May 26nd - June 12th










Brian Days 8 - 9
Tonight's threadgill concert is the new songs festival from mountain stage. 4 performers in the round. Kate McDonnell, Darrel Scott, Diana Jones, & Devon Sproule. I had other obligations, and didn't get to threadgill until about 7:40. As i walked in, Kate McDonnell had just started Mercy, a anti-war/protest song on her new album & i was completely blown away... Talk about having a song appear before you that you can't ignore, even if you're not paying attention. That was followed by another protest song by Darrel Scott that was at least the equal of Mercy.. Both Kate and Darrel help up their side of the stage for the balance of the eveing. While the other 2 performers held their own, their styles were not in synch with mine..

Halfway through the thursday concert, i became aware of the influx of people into the ranch.. IT's like a tide coming in, filling up the available nooks and crannies around the ranch. I usually remembered to watch for it, this time i forgot, but it was there and could not b e ignored regardless..

Over the years, Kerrville has developed it's own language.. From Kerr-shuing a campsite to KerrKrud for describing the colds/coughs that go around to many more examples that you can send to the kerrchat list for everyones amusement and rememberences.. Tonight, another term was added to the mix.. Cheryl Duckett, dejectedly looking at the results of her work on her campsite and the wet interior of her tent proclaimed: "If all this TARPAGE (accent on the tarp, like windage) isn't keeping me dry, why am i bothering."

It was an early night for me, not sure if it's from the heat, the continual kerr-shueing of the campsite, or the lingering results of the cold i'm getting over, but exhaustion is coming more easily this year.

Friday Day 9

It was a cool evening, and although light came into the tent, it was not accompanied by the typical beginnings of the daily sweltering heat. One look outside explained why.. Unusual for kerrville, there was a low cloud ceiling and no promise of sun to come.. The advantage of a cool day are many.. The disadvantage comes along with the rain that usually accompanies such weather. Around noon, a light rain began, and continued for most of the afternoon... While it didnb't leave large puddles and lakes of mud on the ranch, it left a constant depth of shallow mud wherever on the ranch you roamed..

Footing was treacherous for most of the afternoon and evening, and remains so at midnight, as this is being written.


Friday night's mainstage featured 2 blues sessions, opening with a young kerrvirgin, David Jacobs-Strain, and Steve James & Del Ray holding down the middle of the evening with lots of acoustic blues.. Steve Seskin was up second on the night, and as always, you want his performance to go on and on.. Even if you've alreayd been through 2 hankerchiefs crying, (you should have remembered that 3rd hankie).. Amongst the many gems that steve has written over the years (57 of them with alan shamblin), one stand out like a beacon on a foggy night: "Don't laugh at me" is one of most important songs EVER written. It's torch is being carried by peter paul and mary, and Peter Yarrow has used it as the basis for the Don't Laugh at me foundation at:

PLEASE, if any of you are involved in education, or have kids, or know someone who has kids, PLEASE make this song part of their lives... We will all be better for it..

While Gail Davies finished up the night with a rousing set, the night's other highlight was Darrel Scott.. While Darrel didn't do a repeat performance of his anti/war/protest song :( from the other night at threadgill, he commanded the stage with top notch guitar work, and great lyrics. So far this year, he's at the top of our "We want to present" list for houseconcerts.

Campfires and new campsites were all over the ranch after mainstage, with the slippery conditions and muggyness being the only drawbacks to a great evening..

Saturday morning - This running to the hotel to get the bread as it's finishing up is getting real old... Gonna have to find another solution for next year.. (Please send any suggestions off-lice to

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn
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