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34th Annual Kerrville Folk Festival


2005 Festival Reports


May 26nd - June 12th










Day 1 From Marti Gibsom
Brian & Ellen are packing and we're enjoying a much cooler day. It was overcast all morning and gave us a refreshing sprinkle which settled the dust and the breeze blew quite a bit cooler than these past warm days. Most of us currently are in shorts but covered with long sleeved denim shirts, windbreakers & ponchos.

Dalis rescheduled our evening performances last year to begin at 7, we love it! Makes it so much easier to enjoy afternoons at the ballad tree and return to a more relaxed camp dining experience. We think many more are able to make the first sets and it's a more pleasant experience than having bright sun overhead during the first hour.

Saw Gano & Steve Lackey checking out the new taller tower, supposed to have it installed sometime tomorrow. That nice Charles O may be lending a helping hand, if so, Thanks a million! If he's not down there yet, bet he will be just as soon as he gets camp set up.

Met a nice helpful fellow at Mail & More in town today. Said he's looking forward to coming out this weekend. It's a pleasure to support local businesses who greet and welcome Kerrverts. Now, if local DPS officers were just as accommodating and understood our excitement and need to RUSH to get here just as quickly as we can .......

No, don't worry ..... I did NOT get a ticket on my way back to the ranch. But did hear about a couple guys on staff who were stopped on their way in from Austin.

Speaking of local support; Dalis announced the local hardware giant Loews (or is it Lowes?) offered all Kerrverts wearing KFF wrist bands a discount on supplies. So, come out and get legal & your ID bands before picking up all those little necessities at Lowes. Now, wasn't that nice of them? After that little announcement, the local Health Food Store, ya know, the one with the big carrot, also offered discounts to all of us. Remember them & stock up on our vit.s etc. while in town.

Saw Ellen Boling, from Albuquerque, NM in a really goodlooking, brilliant tiedye dress. Always knew she had a big heart, but a huge tiedye one at that!!!! Guess they arrived on schedule. Hope to catch up with them some time this evening. Bet Dan has a slew of new tunes. Understand they have their fingers in a couple of small venues there. At least when not so overwhelmed and involved with those two bright & beautiful college students of theirs. Believe one is studying to be a brain surgeon and the other a rocket scientist. Both are very musically inclined and have done well in theatrical pursuits. That's balanced, I'd say.

Thanks to the hardworking crew (assume they are festival volunteers) picking up trash along side the road north of the ranch.

There were big smiling faces on all of the ticket takers at the gate this afternoon. They were taking their jobs seriously by making everyone feel welcome. Nice kids at the mixmaster also. Must have good crew chiefs cause all the little Indians are doing just what they're supposed to ...... making everybody happy.

Friday ~ Concert opened yesterday evening with an excellent crowd, largest we can remember for opening Thurs. nite - a super set by quiet & not so dry humorist Adam Carroll. Sure can tell he's a Texas boy! VERY talented. Look forward to hearing more from him. Really did find his lyrics first rate.

The Rowan brothers were in perfect harmony, as usual, and provided a top notch blue/new grassy groove to the evening.

Tried on lots of new goodies at Rex Foster's booth during the light sprinkle. Guess we'll have to haul a load of it home ...... Don't worry, I didn't take all of it, there will be plenty of bling left for all of you to acquire a piece or two or even an arm full. And the little wet stuff didn't even put a damper on our festivities, it was very refreshing.

Same good music from the Sherpas. Would love to hear more new stuff though...... Michael Lillie is a fabulous guitarist, Elixir is fortunate to have him as their spokesman.

Adam & that cute Chris had lotsa help getting the theater rocking. Her quirky/stylish get up was only surpassed by those three darling girls with MORE "getty-up". Ha! They really were the cutest - pigtails, cowboy hats, tutu & white '70s drum major boots along with ruffled parasol, the other two in cowboy boots & full red '50s crinoline petty coats and each riding? furry headed hobby/stick horses!

Those Reckless Kelly's were GREAT ...... another super group that we'll surely get to hear/see more often.

Those Albuquerque Bolings and the Burrows, who were coming from southern Calif, were the ONLY diners at Pechicos(?) Mex Cafe in Ft. Stockton on Wednesday night. They didn't know each other until they met on our patio yesterday eve. Small Kerr world.

My evening was topped off with an arachnophobic encounter ....... Yikes!!!! A HUGE scorpion was crawling toward me - IN MY BED - really! It must have hitchhiked in on my shirt tail or sock or from somewhere ...... I'd just sat upon the bed to remove shoes & socks when it began it's run in my direction. Thank goodness the light was still on and it didn't end up under the covers. Probably heard me scream all the way down in the lower meadow! This is just a small reminder that we are in the Texas Hill Country, camping out in rugged terrain with all the little critters that inhabit this country. Whew ... between the two of us we were able to corral it, but I slept real light. Check your bedding each night before crawling in ...

Several years ago, when the RV section was first installed, we saw about five very small scorpions on our patio as the rocks were disturbed by the invasion of humans. But those were babies and we hadn't spied any since. This was the great granddaddy! Guess this one could have crawled up into the RV via the tires and a small crack opening of some kind. However, I'm more apt to believe that it came inside on us somehow.

Does anyone have a recipe for scorpion eradication? They don't swat easily, like flies, either. We had to beat that critter with two shoes!

Jeanne ~ shall send your message to CALM Believe Cuisine is back in full force - saw Phil (not to be confused w/Phil on the Hill who we also hugged last night), head chef, at a distance in the theater last night and heard that Mike was spotted by Larry Rottom Dillon of Ft. Smith, Ark.

Gonna be a good line up tonight .... look forward to seeing Butch Hancock for the first time in a long while. Since moving to the Big Bend, Terlingua, he's not here often enough to suit us.

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