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Pre-festival update from marti gibson
Reclamation Day went off without a hitch, a grand parade of familiar faces, decorated vans and lots of shouts and hugs of "Welcome Home" amid lots of "PLEASE SLOW DOWN!".

A reminder that ANY speed over a roll is much too fast inside this campground. Or, as I was lovingly told by one red-shirted Kerrvert, "if you can see dust in your rear view mirror, you're goin' too fast". Seems to be hard for some to keep their foot off the gas. We now have some nice berms, thanks to the ecological permaculture crews, that can create havoc with running gear when it bottoms out IF you're driving too fast. These were constructed with ecology in mind, however they make good "speed bumps". Know of two flat tires on two different pickup trucks, from hitting rocks on the side of driving paths, this afternoon. So, please be careful and slow down to a crawl.

It was sunshiny and HOT this afternoon, but nights are delightful. It's dry, not muggy and there's been a nice breeze, so very comfortable. All the Yankees are squealing with delight at their new tans. Ha! Even though I've seen a couple of lobsters, they seem to be thrilled with their first signs of summer, or is it a kerrtxtan?

Note; The Upper Level RV Park portion of the campground is NOT OPEN TO THRU TRAFFIC. At least for the time being. There is currently some construction going on between Pokey's and Kidsville which has that entrance/exit into the upper RV part blocked off. Therefore, all RV'ers with sites up here on KerrKliff (or Snob Hill as Jim Ross used to call it) must come up via the north driveway up the steeper hill (on mainstage theater side).

Today there were many vehicles, some towing trailers & such, who thought this would be a short cut to somewhere. Wrong. It's very difficult to turn around, particularly when towing something, and will become worse as those few currently empty sites are filled on both sides.

It's so nice to see everyone again.

Blair aka Walking Hawk must be feeling his oats since he appears happy, robust and might have accumulated a couple pounds over the winter. (okay, I know, who am I to talk, will admit to caulking up several extra rolls myself but that's due to old age and a good cooking husband)

Papillon, from Montreal, is back after a couple years missing and has slimmed down after his most recent few months trek through Mexico and Guatemala, playing music and making documentary films.

Have enjoyed seeing Leopard Lounge folks. Why didn't we merge campfires last night? At least, that's who I thought was playing the nice music across from us. Also, enjoyed tunes from directly below.

Saw our dear friend from San Angelo. Love the new chic hairstyle!

Greg from Austin was able to visit for awhile. Seems he knows/went to school with some of my third cousins, twice removed, that I've never even met. They actually live here in Kerrville!! Small world. Hear there may be another relative from the Okla. branch of the family tree camping with our old campmates. That proves the world is shrinking fast.

Earl looks and sounds great despite having to give up sugar & carbs cause of doctors orders a couple weeks ago. He's already shed ten pounds! Wonder if he can drink that new Michelob (no/low carbs) Ultra? Ha!

Speaking of looks ..... Nancylee is lovelier than ever!!!! Beautiful. She truly looks wonderful. Saw her from a distance at the QVR meeting on Saturday in the coolest straw bonnet but didn't have an opportunity to chat. Will catch up with her later.

Why is it that Lenore and Vern never change or age one tiny bit? Their premature gray hair is still gorgeous, their smiles just as bright and wide and they never gain an ounce nor a wrinkle. Not one! Do they dance along a security line every night or weekend while away from here?

Must extend praise to that artisan Mike Phalan (sp?) for his craftsmanship. Knew he was a talented guitarist, but had no idea his talents extended to cabinetry and woodwork. Great job!

Lee Green is busy devoting time, effort and endless energy to the Foundation. Good for you, Lee! Thanx from all of us. Jamie ~ we're missing you, haven't seen Monk yet but should, will give him your greetings. Haven't seen your friend, Marion, yet either.

Was really good to see those Refugio boys again ...... but they got away before breakfast. Sorry, we slept too late. Will make up for it next weekend when ya get back, we promise.

Hey ..... ya'll MUST check out the full page (pg #30) spread in "Homes & Land of the Texas Hill Country" magazine. It's the premo Real Estate publication put out by those two darlings (who don't get out to the festival often enough in my opinion, but they are definitely part of our music loving Kerr family, we've known them from (way too many) years back when they lived in McAllen, TX) Barbara & Mark Casey. But the ad was placed by another Kerrvert, Real Estate Broker, Johnny Chesser of CHESSER CAZ REALTY SERVICES (he's also a benefactor of feral cat rescue/spay & neutering in the area - another wonderfully worthy cause) and "It's All About the Music". This advertisement really is a "must see", pick up a copy at the local restaurants, stores, etc. and see how he's helping promote our fabulous festival. Remember him when you want to find your own little piece of this pristine Texas Hill Country. Great festival PR. That should entitle him to some kind of special favors around here, huh?

Of interest; Richard & Andy were heading over the hill toward Vanderpool when they came across a weary Harley biker pushing his new bike over the biggest hill north of Medina. He'd run outta gas so these two generous Kerrverts returned the 15 miles over the mountain to pick up gasoline which was here in a handy can, returned to get him on his way. Turned out he is a San Antonio animal rights detective who worked undercover for months to bust some giant dog fighting ring this week in order to stop that horrible animal cruelty/abuse. One good turn begets another. Good karma. He was so impressed with them (good hearted Kerrverts), that's he's coming back to the festival and bring 'em a case of beer. Too bad Richard doesn't drink, but good for Andy.

Checked out the recent issue of "Hill Country Happenings" and was excited to see the tribute to the 13th Floor Elevators by their induction into the Texas Music Hall of Fame. Didn't see who publishes this new entertainment mag but there was a good column by Kathleen Hudson and another from Dalis with KFF news. Best part were all the new performing songwriter venues around the area, along with recording studios, CD duplicators, etc. advertised with very reasonable rates. This is definitely where the action is. Be sure to pick up this publication at your favorite gas/shopping/eatery spot on your way in.

Was just reminded that Emmett doesn't age either .......

Also, discovered it's not always possible to connect to the net even sitting next to the tower. Actually, has been almost impossible ...... so, you'll get this when ya get it.

Looking forward to seeing/hearing all of you soon ...... please travel safely!


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