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2007 Festival Reports


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Brian Day 17
signs of debarkation abound.. :(

many of the camps have begun taking down portions of their infrastructres.. A bunch of empty spaces where campsites used to be can be seen across the meadow.

Friday late, Sudden creek finally gave up it's last trickle.. It's still wet and slightly flowing at nashville, but it's dried up by the time it crosses the main road below..

Two good shows the last couple of nights.. Thursday, Jack Williams showed just how good you could be even if your voice didn't show up. He was followed by a wonderful, emotional set from Ronny Cox w/ Karen Mal & Jack sitting in..

Friday night was crazy hour.. The evening OPENED with Eric Schwartz in one of his best mainstage performances ever.. It was fascinating watching audience members around me who were hearing Eric for the 1st time... I've never seen jaws drop so far and so fast as eric's songs turn and twist in completely unexpected directions.. Ellen had her annual harmony whore mainstage appearance on 2 of eric's songs.

Kevin So was a wonderful sense of balance, not only after eric, but before Billy Jonas who brought his own wonderful type of energy to the stage..

Nice campfire at nashville, Jack Motley was holding forth at the main bathroom gig..

and there was wonderful energy all around...


In spite (or in the face of) the upcoming exodus..


Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn
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