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2007 Festival Reports


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Brian Day 19/20/21
The last mainstage was strange this year... Buddy Mondlock was real nice, as usual, but i was a little disappointed not to hear more of his old stuff.

Chuck Pyle, whose music i love, had what seemed to me to be the strangest performance i'd seen him give... While his old material was bang-on, all of the new stuff he was playing seemed out-of-kilter; like he was trying to get away from the zen cowboy thing and the rythm's we've all grown so accustomed to. He seemed to be missing notes both guitar wise as well as vocally. It almost seemed like it was something physical (no idea what), but, as i said, his old stuff was perfect.. Maybe it was me... Someone else commented they thought he had a great set.. But, as we discussed the set, they acknowledged what i heard and saw in the new material he was playing.

One thing i've forgotten to mention this year was the sound. Chris Jacobs(?) and the sound company were superb... It sounded just as good in the 6th row as it did in the last row, as it did when i was getting a massage way back in the vendor booths. You could hear performers talking as well as all the music..

I missed Corinne West as i was saying goodbyes, and started to listen to Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros, but my festival quota of bar bands had been exceeded by the end of the first half of the festival. It seems there are more of them the past couple of years than in the "old times", and where we used to get Pele Juju and Limpopo, now we get the bar-x band from austin in their place.. While it may do something for the "within 100 miles of the ranch" attendance, it doesn't do much to fill my spirit..

The festival closed as usual with Bobby Bridger and heal in the wisdom..

Ya know, some years, 18 days is just not enough..

Down in the lower meadow, if you turn to your right, singkerrnicity's gone.. If you walk toward chapel hill on your left, the canopy from camp coho is gone.. now that's an unsettling site...

they've made a fire for the first time this year at coho.. right where the canopy was..

lots of stars.. still lots of people on the ranch.. but people are leaving even at night.. Linda from tranquilo just drove off.. Austin took off during mainstage.

nice circle at coho .. jack hardy, buddy mondlock, jonathan byrd, many others.. ellen's playing down at fork in the road.

And we're outta here tomorrow..

It's 3AM, i'm headed to the meadows bathrooms, and i realize this is the time i used to leave the ranch to head home on a 6AM flight from San Antonio.. I did that for many years, but no longer... the planes aren't big enough to hold all our stuff, and besides, i've already met my strip search quota for the year.. So we'll be driving... about 20 - 21 hours drive time + any sleep that's necessary, gas fillups, and ellen's favorite thing.. pee breaks.. (Ellen's never seen a rest stop she didn't like).. We checked into adding an additional bladder to ellen, but the local zoning board (ellen!) wouldn't allow it.. :(

Last loaves of bread went to Cheryl Duckett, Fork in the road, and tranquilo. Wouldn't want those people starving to death on the way home if they made a wrong turn somewhere and got lost.. Safe travels to all...

Packed up and hitting the trail, we made it onto i-10 eastbound just after 2PM Monday afternoon.. It's simple directions to get home.. take i-10 east, and make a right it 1-75. next thing you know, it's 7PM on Tuesday evening, and we're pulling into Fort Lauderdale...

Please feel free to add any of your thoughts to the list... I'll be glad to add them to the ramblings website.. Also, please send any picture links, we'll be glad to add those also.. I'm still waiting for some shots of the second canopy disaster so we can put them on the web..

I'm looking wistfully at my right wrist, still being adorned by my 18 day wristband.. Last year, the wristband stayed on there until it fell off on valentine's day.. All the writing and color had worn off by them... This year ?? we'll see...

Out plans for the upcoming year include a gigantic south florida July 1 party at our place, honoring 4 very special people who brought me into the south florida folk community, Peggy Tibke, Robby Greenberg, Mary Jo Klingle, and Sandy Goldman. Also getting special recognition will be members of the past and present boards of directors of the Broward Folk Club.

On January 19th and 20th 2008, we'll be having our South Florida Folk Festival again after a 2 year hurricane hiatus. It's the Martin Luther King Weekend, so y'all can have Monday to travel back home. Come join us. We've got a songwriter competition, and camping, and you don't even have to bring a tent.. If you're coming from far away, we'll get you a tent to stay in at the Florida version of Camp Jews Don't Camp.. There WILL be campfires and a singer-songwriter circle for your nourishment. In case of cold, we bring large patio heaters to warm up. So if you can't wait until next memorial day for your kerr-fix, come join us for a warm weather weekend in the middle of your winter.. I'm planning on having 3 days of camping (fri/say/sun), but that's still not written in stone, we may only have 2, so check back in before you make your plane reservations. Did i mention there will be bread ??

Florida in the Winter ??
Why the Folk Not !!

Love to all, and best wishes for a SAFE and HEALTHY year until we meet again on the ranch.. Our current plan is to arrive on sunday night/monday morning after landrush 2008...

Brian & Ellen..
From the Camp Jews don't camp homestead
Southwest Ranches, Florida..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn
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