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Brian Day 2
We're here.. We're pumping/shovelling out from the deluge..

We got here Tuesday. I drove alone from Florida, since ellen was performing in the wildflower songwriting competition (and winning!!). I got here tuesday morning, and Ellen drove down from dallas with Michael Terry and got here tuesday afternoon..

It's been pretty wet here in the weeks leading up to the festival, and the ground is pretty saturated.. Thursday night was a LOT of rain... I got up around 3AM to check the porch canopy (10x10), and all was in order.. no water accumulating on the top, or in any of the tarps..

But, come friday morning, (still raining, it rained all night and most of the morning) the canopy had collapsed, ripped asunder, bent and broke... it gave it's life keeping half our stuff dry..

So, scratch another canopy.. I'd been checking out what was available in town, and i couldn't find any of those heavy duty 10x20 canopies that have become so popular.. Walmart, lowes and home depot checks came up dry.. Michael terry suggested i try the tractor supply place next to big lots, and they had a $99 dollar 10x20 canopy.. Not as heavy duty as many of the others, and more assembly required, but, it fit the bill!!!. (and gave the "frugal" side of me fullfillment) Thanks to the help of some camp tranquilo and coho regulars, along with some of our newer neighbors, We now have a beautiful 10x20 porch in front of our tent..

It finally stopped raining heavily sometime around noon friday. mud everywhere, and for the first time in my experience, sudden creek had not only risen, but STAYED THAT WAY!!. It's now 1PM on Saturday afternoon, and sudden creek is still running.. Camp nashville put a picnic table across the creek, and that, along with a very muddy main road were the only two ways into the lower meadow.. the main road was blocked off for much of the day, and it was too unstable for cars. lots of shovels in view as people are digging redirection and containment walls...

A couple of times last night there were light drizzles. Turtle creek was passable when we went over it, but that was hours after the big storm ended.. I imagine it was unpassable for part of the night and early morning.

We temporarily detained someone yesterday afternoon who was fishin' in sudden creek, by camp nashville, without a license..

I just started baking this afternoon.. it's been too wet until now..

Camps nashbill, sinkerrnicity, coho lethargy, fork in the road and tranquilo are all in full form near us. (i'm sure there are many others that are all here, i just haven't had a chance to get around at all)

Friday's mainstage was moved to threadgill due to the weather. Threadgill looks amazing.. They've terraced the balcony with space for your own chairs.. I haven't been to a performance there yet, but i'm looking forward to it..

Now, where can i find a good masseuse for the creaky ol bones..

All in all, it's wonderful to be back at the ranch..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn
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