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Brian Day 3
It's gettin' on 2:30 Sunday morning.. Coho songcircle has gone to sleep.. I can hear threadgill still going strong in the distance.. It may not be threadgill.. But it's over past the tree line separating the lower meadow from the meadow..

Camp nashbill has closed for the night.. It's a tired night as many people who were planning on coming in on fridayt, delayed their arrival until today cuz of the weather..

Liz rouse was spotted breaking bread with an identically t-shirt clad Vic Heyman while Reba sat next to them in a slightly non-matching top.. (Wass wid dat ??)

Mainstage was finally in full energy tonight.. Cosy Sherdan and TR Ritchie opened the evening.. Peter Yarrow had an emotional set encored by Puff along with a birthday cake for peter.. Anne Feeney joined him on stage for a well-deserved mainstage appearance.. Have you been to jail for justice was followed by peter's The Great Mandela.. great topical music.. there's should always be more room for protest music at Kerrville, it just doesn't seem to work out that way..

Denice franke followed by John smith with a rousing set finished off by Jimmy lafave..

It's still occasionally sprinkling, and with the ground saturated, it's got nowhere to go but downhill.. Sudden creek is still running, almost 48 hours since it rose..

the cut-through next to Camp Jews Don't camp between nashville and the lower meadow is deep mud, and most people are detouring around it.. no accidents yet.. fingers crossed..

Big Earl's ran out of ribs tonight.. and all ice cream flavors were gone except for vanilla..

There's a great energy circle playing over in the meadow.. don't know where, but there's a lot of sing-along life..

The tree frogs are in bloom, the breeze is gentle, and my condolences to those of you who aren't experiencing this right now.. There nowhere i'd rather be..

Anyone on the ranch is encouraged to add their travels to the list... there are kerr-people out there waiting for a sniff... don't be selfish,. share the wealth..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn
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