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Brian Day 4

It's 7:30PM Sunday evening.. I don't know if mainstage will happen later on tonight, but it's certainly not going to be for awhile if it happens at all..

It's been pouring cattle & sheep (that's texas for cats and dogs) for about 90 minutes & there's a river of water going past the RV...

I'm sure sudden creek is still running, as it was running earlier this afternoon before this deluge..

Eric Schwartz showed up unexpectedly on the ranch for a couple of days and was last seen holed up in neale Eckstein's RV ...

Ellen and Allison Downey are down at Camp Jews Don't Camp holed up in the tent w/. a couple of guitars makin' music..

and the rain is starting to let up.. oops.. maybe not.. the thunder is still there..

And there will hopefully be 4 more loaves of bread coming out of the ovens in 1:30..

Anybody want a piece ??

Staying dry on a very wet ranch..

bye for now..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn
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