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Brian Day 5
Here comes the sun...

we got some of the wet rugs out into the sun to dry them off..

Sudden creek is still running (over 100 hours consecutively now)

Monday nights mainstage was tremendous.. The highlights of the evening were John Gorka and Susan Werner the last two performances of the evening..

Susan was as good as i've ever heard her, even though she was doing almost all new (to me) material. It's the first time i've seen John Gorka here, but he was as good as the times i've caught him elsewhere..

As the crazy first weekend winds down, the ranch will assume it's more familial posture, and we can all get down to spending time with friends in a more peaceful setting than memorial day weekend..

It's a little different this year, as we've already been here for almost a week... Usually, we don't even get here until tuesday morning..

Ellen's left for 9 day in L.A. She'll be back for the last thursday..

To those of you on the list, please let as many people as possible know about and the kerrchat list. i am amazed at the people i come across who are not aware of the lists's existence..

I've got my chair planted at threadgill for tonight's (tuesday) sundown concert.. I'm sitting in the second row balcony slight right of center. Gonna gather up some warm bread which just came out of the oven and head over now... Tonight's show:
Midwest Campfire In-The-Round

Jim Bizer (Franklin MI)
John Gorka (Marine on St Croix, MN)
Jan Krist (Detroit MI)
Drew Nelson (Grand Rapids MI)
Susan Werner (Chicago IL)

Oh boyoboyoboy..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn
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