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Brian Day 7
I'm sitting here (noon-ish) on-line at Camp Coho watching 2 hummingbirds fight over who gets to feed at one of the hummingbird feeders.

Last night was one of those extra special nights where everything was lined up just right.. The weather was perfect.. moderate breezes passed through all evening. The moon was almost full.. Many of the camps moved their song circles out from underneath their canopies into the road to enjoy the moonlight..

Camp Tranquilo was spread across the road, diverting traffic while lethargy had a nice song circle going nearby..

I could see singkerrnicity out in the road from a distance, but the highlight of the evening was Nashville where every song was a star and a perfect note on a perfect night.. Amongst many of ther performers in attendance were Stephanie Corby, johnsmith directed circle traffic, amy speace, Diane Jones, Jonathan Byrd, eric balkey, Amelia Spicer, Eric Gerber, Brian Cutean, Alan from coho. (apologies to those whom my memory fails) As the moon shone down, we toasted the memory of Rachel Bissex.

The threadgill concert opened w/ Jonathan Byrd and diane Jones.. She's a fine talent, but i'm not a fan of that style of music.. Jonathan was a great listen, but he's an even better listen solo.

And the hummingbirds are really arguing over who gets the favorite feeder. They must be a married couple'a birds..

Jeez, Carrie Cooper's kids have gotten so big...

Chris Chandler was the second half of the show last night, and he was great.. If there is something that this festival has always not had enough of, or not placed enough emphasis on, it's protest music. Chris was joined by, amongst others, Stephanie Corby, Adam & Kris, and Anne Feeney. His opener was not as strong as the rest of the show, but all in all, the standing ovations he received were more than well deserved... His tributes to New Orleans and our combat troops were heart-wrenching, and brought many a tear to the audience.. One of the most enjoyable aspects of a chris chandler concert is watching the people who are seeing Chris for the first time.. Sitting next to me and falling into that category was Allison Downey (she of the Wildflower "Audience favorite" last week).. As each minute passed, her admiration and wonderment for what she was seeing grew..

What a wonderous night...

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn
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