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36th Annual Kerrville Folk Festival


2007 Festival Reports


May 24nd - June 10th










Brian Day 9
Sudden creek is still running, but it's getting close to done... That's 1 week of constant flow...

Pretty quiet night on the ranch last night.. (except for the full-mooners)..

It was about a 70% cloud cover last night, and very breezy. So, while we could occasionally see the full moon, most of the itme, it was obscured.. you didn't have to look up, you could just look around at how light or dark it was in the surrounding campsites and you could tell if the clouds were covering the moon... Of course, you could also just close your eyes and listen for the howls whenever the moon could be seen.

Club 7 at camp cuisine last night.. a little lighter in attendance than one would have thought..

Welcome back to the list bernice lewis.. ("what a babe" from the kerrville CD).. Are you going to make it to the ranch this year ??

Over the years, the most frequent question i get asked about the bread is:

"Do you sell this ?"

or "how much is it?"

Today, i got asked if i accepted financial contributions..

That's kerrville for ya..

Thanks, but there's too much joy in the bread thing for me to take any money for it.. Just the smiles and row upon row of chewing faces in the audience is more than enough contribution for me..

Remember, everyone's got to bring something to the party..

(and you don't want to hear me play a guitar.. trust me.. those things don't even like me to touch them)

and anyway, if i decided to play a guitar, we'd have 1,001 guitar players here in kerrville...

and no one would have any bread..
The festival is a different experience alone than with someone.. Ellen's in L.A. until next thursday.. She's missed, and I think of her all the time... But, sometimes, walking alone with all it's enjoyments and fullfillments, (and nourishment of my hermit genes) makes being together even more special..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn
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