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Brian Day 11
It's second Sunday (i think... That's what the festival brochure says).. We're sitting here at threadgill listening to the New Folk Winners.. Devon Sprole and Hans York have performed and there are 4 more to come..

Yesterday was a wonderful day at the ranch.. I was exhausted by the time the our 4AM bedtime arrived.. Exhausted from crying and hyperventilating during the Music to Life winners announcements.. People have been raving about Ellen & Nick's song "By My Silence".. All the songs in the music to life contest were excellent.. I loved Amy Carol Webb's "Raise My Hand".. (2nd place) Lisa Rogers jesus/jesus ( pronounce the second one as a latino first name, pronounce the first one as a jewish kid who opened up his own business down the block and made his mother proud ) I was surprised that Amy Speace's song "Weight of the World" didn't make the top 3. When they announced her as one of the "Club 4 members", is when i started to hyperventilate.

Last night's mainstage opened with another typical irreverent performance from the austin lounge lizards. The next 2 slots were taken up by Paul Stookey, Peter yarrow and relations. Ronny Cox followed with a beautiful set. I missed band of heathens to take a quick nap before Bruce and Lisa's beautiful midnight wedding at Camp Coho. Alan who was officiating, started off with something to the effect of a marriage being one of life's "biggies", and it just flowed from there...

As part of Noel Paul Stookey's slot, he and his daughter Liz presented the story behind the Music to Life contest and the Public Domain Foundation ( They then introduced Ellen & Nick and the grand prize winners and they performed By my Silence.. Nick was obviously (to me anyway), a little nervous, but everything came off beautifully and they got a standing ovation (and 2 performer's t-shirts to boot).

Lots of music all around the campgrounds after the wedding... Camp nashville abandoned their canopy and had a night standing out on the road out front..

David Masingill stopped by on his way to slumber and we chatted until one of us dozed off..

CJ Watson just came on... great, funny personality...

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn brian a-t
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