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37th Annual Kerrville Folk Festival


2008 Festival Reports


May 22nd - June 8th










Brian Day 2
Beautiful weather so far.. Had to head up to the RV to get some bread out of the ovens..

I only caught 1 act at mainstage tonight; David Lamotte. He brings a sweet spirit to his performances, and tonight was no exception.. Enjoy him while you can, cuz he's moving to australia early next yer..

Lots of energy all over the ranch, as many old and new friends have poured into the festival.. Camp Nashville and Nashbill were going past 2AM when i headed up to the RV..

If you're reading this and you're on the ranch, feel free to send your thoughts to the list... There are lots of kerrfolks out there who aren't on the ranch who want to know wassup here..

My experience is only looking around from my little corner of the kerr-world, but, considering this is the "craziest" weekend of the festival, so far, it seems much quieter than in previous years... It seemed noisier before the festival started, but it seems less so now that the place is packed.. go figure..

They've built some natural structures around the ranch, from mixmaster, to kidsville, to staff central.. Hopefully, someone who knows more about what they did will chime in..

I was looking over some of the 100's of photos from the 2000 ramblings, and was amazed at the difference 8 years makes in how the great meadow looks... 8 years ago, there were dozens of 3 and 4 foot trees which were just planted... now those trees are getting close to 20 feet tall, and generating more and more shade..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn brian a-t
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