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Brian Day 3 & 4
Part 1
When i first looked at the lineup for this year's festival, i was surprised to find the first weekend was my favorite based upon performers i was familiar with.. The other two weekends also have great lineups, but if i had to choose a favorite, it was this weekend.. (there was no #2 or #3, it was more like 1, 1A, and 1B.)

Saturday morning found the Rouse new folk campsite overflowing (as usual)

Saturdays mainstage led off with Chuck Brodsky. Chuck was the first houseconcert Ellen & I presented back in the fall of 2000. I remember it was one of those torrential rain nights in south florida, and 80 people still showed up..

Anyway, back to the future.. Chuck was wonderful, with a super mix of political, sports and heart pulling music. Caroline Aiken lit up the house with her usual top notch performance. Later on, I enjoyed an environmentally "destroying the planet" tune from Dave Crossland.. (p.s. Dave, Red Sox suck!!)

Jimmy Lafave put the finishing touches on a great mainstage night.

Campfires were going strong. I heard there was a very large crowd at Cuisine, Nashville was also loaded with players and tourists, Nashbill also had a large crowd, and singkerrnicity was especially mellow and familial..

The contrast between camp ambiences is also marked, if you take the time to notice.. Some camps have bright/glaring lights, and some have subdued lighting where it's hard to see the players.. others are right in the middle between the two.

Late in the evening, (about 4:30AM) Dana and friend (Ann?) stopped by camp jews don't camp and played some nice early in the morning peaceful tunes before i retired for the night (about 5:20)..

It's surprisingly calm for a memorial day weekend.. I think gas prices may have something to do with a reduction in the 5 day party crowd, as there are still some spaces in the campground, which you don't normally find on the first weekend.

Sunday morning at the Rouse site found Lindsey playing countdown for that day's new folk performers, making sure to kick them out in time for them to check in at threadgill..

Great mainstage sunday night... details to follow.. (i just need to bring the computer down to the camp tonight so i can get out of this RV)

As always, please let your (kerr)-friends know about the kerrchat list, and the website.

Part 2
it's 3AM Monday morning, & i can hear Joe Jencks clear voice cutting through the night from camp nashbill..

Great day & night on the ranch today.. Mainstage was broadcast live on XM15 tonight in conjunction with Folk Alliance night. The evening started off with Anthony De Costa last year's (?) New Folk Winner. While not yet old enough to drive or tour on his own last year (see add'l info further down), this is someone who bring years more than chronology dictates onto the stage with him. I don't like throwing things like prodigy or genius out there, especially when i have limited experience in listening to anthony, but so far, that's what jumps out at me.. Like pete fornatele once said: there are times the music just forces you to not ignore it.. it pushes itself to the forefront, no matter what you're doing..

Sara Hickman, along with our favorite harmony whore, Kristin DeWitt, gave an energetic, funny, political (she snuck that stuff in), and poignant performance.. She got most of the way through without talking about nipples, sex, orgasms, Rod kennedy and no clothes, and bubbles, but, as sara will do, she just couldn't help herself, finishing one segment with "I am just going to be sooooo fired"

Eliza Gilkyson put on one of the best kerrville performances i've seen her give.. Kevin Welch returned for the first time in many years. I was only disappointed he didn't perform "Wilson's Track" which i know from the 25th anniversary kerrville CD.

Mainstage finished up with a great performance from tom russell. On xm 15 radio at 6PM they did a Van Ronk tribute, and one of those pieces was also from Tom Russell.

After mainstage, camps were all aglory.. Rouse House was full, Kantigree had a crowd around it.. Nashville, Coho, Nashbill, Calm, Camp Bayou Love and mixed nuts were all cooking.. Tonight, the fire dancers took over the lower bathroom area for their fire circle..

I'm sitting here listening to a beautiful, unknown female voice coming from coho, Freebo just walked by..

now i have visitors.. be back later..

I'm back.. Diane Law and her friend Robin just stopped by for a nice chat.. Anthony DeCosta just walked by and we spoke for a short while.. He's touring this summer, but after that, he can only perform on weekends since he's still in high school.. Now, that's scary.. so good, so young..

Freebo, Butch morgan and Jonathan byrd are playing near the fork in the road.. it's after 4AM.. I can hear a crowd up by the main outhouses just down from Calm..

Time to hit the air mattress..

Another day in heaven makes it's mark..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn brian a-t
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