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Brian Day 5 & 6
With this year's screw-up the the texas school year, i've heard from dozens of people on the ranch who have to leave to work this week and are coming back or want to come back next weekend.. We've already arranged for 1 ride/gas share from dallas

So, if you're planning on travelling back to the ranch, and have room for others, please send a message to the list.. If you want to get back to the ranch, but have no transportation, or are looking for a gas share to cut costs, please also send that to the list...

We had our first wet dusting for just a minute or 2 earlier this morning.. it was hardly anything... it didn't even settle the dust down.. Michael "weatherman" Terry says..

I'm sitting here at the Threadgill theater for the first sundown concert of the year.. Michael smith is just finishing his first song.. major sound problems.. Per michael "sounds like shit".. ok.. It's better now...

Last night is caught the last 2 acts at mainstage.. Christine Albert and Chris Gage were wonderful.. (as usual).. she did 2 (or more) songs in french.. Comments heard today was that there were even better than usual..

The last act of monday's mainstage was the Lost Gonzo Band reunion.. These guys were having as much fun up on stage as we were having in the audience.. Jon Inman, Gary P Nunn, Bob Livingston, Paul Pearsey, Lloyd Maines, and others whose names i didn't catch.. Their 40 minute set ran about 70 minutes including the 2 encores..

EllenB's on the ranch... So, my week's worth of set-up and arranging is being "improved" as i type.. I think i'll just get out of the way now..

Feng shui alert indeed..

Jack Hardy's on the ranch... And David Massingale came along with him.. Now that's a nice surprise..

We had a great spaghetti dinner at Coho tonight.. I've been wanting to bring my spaghetti sauce to the ranch for years now.. this is the first time i've been packed and ready ahead of time enough to cook and freeze it..

This was the "calmest" first weekend i can ever remember on the ranch.. I think gas had something to do with it, but i think the screwed up school year had just as much effect..

During the week is so wonderful on the ranch.. you're no longer conflicted about how to fit everything in.. and the familial comes out in force..

Michael smith is finishing up spoon river..

and the weather is wonderful..

Jeanne, we can't wait to see you too.. I'll bring the bread..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn brian a-t
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