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Brian Day 7

Sitting at Camp Coho.. It's midnight Wednesday. Just another little song circle..

Steve Gilette, Jack Hardy, david Massingill, Joe Jencks, Jack Williams, Erik Balkey, Caroline Aiken. Chuck Brodsky and TR Ritchie are looking on from the kitchen; Some of the songwriter winners are here, but i don't know their names (yet)..

It's a relatively quiet night on the ranch.. Don & Freida from Fork in the Road got to the ranch today.. they're only here for 5 days this year.

Caroile Aiken and Jack williams are doing mission of angels.. & we're all in heaven.. I'll be right back.. i don't want to miss one note..

Camp nashbill is also going tomight, nashville was dark as of an hour ago.. Urban Campfires had a nice circle around 10..

Last night was beautifully cool.. Just right for snuggling with your sweetie under a heavy blanket.. Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn brian a-t
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