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Kerrville 2001 - Day 8
It's the second thursday, and old friends keep showing up... Adam and Kris arrived today. Kris's incognito approach this year is LONG!! hair.. with bangs.. i had to do 2 or 3 takes until i was sure it was her..

Al Grierson is not gone from this festival.... he's here... and he's there... lots of al grierson songs, tributes, stories and lots of the spirit.. There's a tribute sat night after mainstage at threadgill.. I'm lookin forward to hearing jack william's tribute song on mainstage sat night. It was great when i heard it at ellen bukstel's, it should be even more magical here..

Thursday night's threadgill performance was 4 singer songwriter's from michigan. While the evening was thoroughly enjoyable, it was not up the par with shows from the second thursday of previous years.

threadgill is in the early stages of re-construction. They've poured a concrete slab behind the stage. how much of this will be backstage, and how much stage, remains to be seen... the cd booth at threadgill has also been moved from immediate stage left across the road leading to threadgill behind the seating on stage left....

Annie wenz was playing lots of new stuff that is blowing everyone's socks off.. (You can give me the dollar later dear.. <gg>)

Campfires were surprisingly mellow last night. Nashville was pretty quiet, singkerrnicity had a nice gathering, and coho was cooking... with a mostly female song circle, rachel bissex, stephanie corby, amy read, barbara phaneuf, sonya rutstein and numerous others whose names and faces are not clear through the current fog...

Friday was laundry day.... gather up all the dirty clothes... bring 'em into town... pick 'em up saturday... Then, to the river... Right near the third crossing.. a beautiful shaded riverbank at the foot of a small steep cliff with stairs down the side for access.. This place brings such peace and mellowness.. Thank you ******* for this beautiful setting. Without clothes and guitars, you'd think all these folk singers were just regular people!!

Tonight is peter paul and mary, their first appearance here, together, in 5 years. they have a 2 hour sound check this afternoon.. the entire musical evening AND weekend looks like it's going to cook!!..

best to all from the most wonderous place in the world... (if I won the superbowl and someone asked me where I was going, i'd say "I'm going to kerrville".. the hell with disneyworld!)

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn

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