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Kerrville 2001 - Day 16

What a magical kerrville night..

Great mainstage followed by some of those rare moments where the energy, people and music all come together.. At camp coho, ruthie foster, terri hendrix jack hardy, and others provided "cock-your-ear" entertainment..

Next door at camp lethargy, more magical moments as david broza and lorin rowan entertained a seated crowd of over 40 people for over 90 minutes. the applause spilled over onto neighboring circles.

These are the campfire moments kerrville has been known for over the years. I know there have been plenty of them all over the ranch this year, but i haven't been all over the ranch..

It's after 4AM now, and i wish i could call someone and share with them, but it's to late, so i'll have to write it down so i don't forget.

Great mainstage performances tonight from terri hendrix, jonathan edwards, and david broza. Carol Elliot was super in the 3 songs i got to hear before leaving to get the bread out of the oven. The limeliters started off the evening getting everyone on a good spirit ride.

it's chilly tonight... everyone's got on their long pants and shirt.. we're movin' a bit closer to the campfire..

Blue margarita night at camp coho.. nobodies drivin' home... be glad if you can stumble there..

And the good father is departin' the ranch in the mornin'.. The exodus has begun.. Camp Coho is beginning to take some thigns back to storage..

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn

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