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Kerrville 2001 - Day 13

Watching the moon come up w/ jack hardy can be an interesting experience.. All over the ranch tonight, you can hear groups of people joined in the howling as the full moon brings out some "different behaviors"

The moon came up over the mountain into a crystal clear sky. There was still plenty of light in the sky.

Attending the festival with someone is a very different experience from going it alone. That doesn't mean it's better or worse; it's just different. This is the first night of the festival i've spent on my own this year. I'm taking advantage of the additional open time i have to sit with old friends... For the first time this year, i've been able to spend a little time sitting and chatting with some of the camp calm regulars and strolling into parts of the ranch i haven't been around yet this year.. As 11:30PM passes, i can hear drums and bad (loud) voices coming from the direction of the lower bathrooms. The tree frogs are chirping away, and the occasional strolling sole comes down the path from chapel hill.

The ranch seems to be quieter this mid-week than last, and also quieter then the same time last year. many of the campsites are empty, awaiting the return of their energy on friday, or, if they're lucky, on thursday.

Coho and Nashville are quiet.

AT MIDNIGHT (20 MINUTES AWAY) oops sorry for the caps... typing in the dark.. Jack hardy will be conducting a moon song gathering on chapel hill.. Unfortunately, Chapel hill was overbooked at midnight, so the moon songcircle was held at camp coho.

Nice peaceful night wandering the ranch, sitting or standing in the middle of the road, talking w/ friends, offering bread to strangers at they pass by... Seeing Alan Rowoth for the first time this festival and having a chance to sit a spell. He's only going to be here for 3 days this year.

All in all, just another peaceful day in paradise.. Remember, even a shitty day in Kerrville is still better than 320 others you're going to have this year..

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn

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