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Kerrville 2001 - Day 17

Mainstage was highlighted tonight by Martin Sexton who put on one of the best performances of the festival. His first encore was 2 (or 3) songs, then he was brought out for another encore. He finished up with america the beautiful.. Tremendous voice, tremendous talent... If you have a chance, catch the webcast of his performance tomorrow night at www.kerrville-music.com...

All night long the mainstage hummed... Chuck brodsky was excellent starting off... Juliet turner turned it up another nitch. Juliet is from ireland. SHe was in the irish threadgill night a year or 2 ago. her album just wnet platmun in europe. Catch her if you can... I had to get bread in and out of the ovens, so i missed ray bonneville and valdy, but heard they were both super. Martin sexton was followed by the duffy bishop blues band, and the evening is finishing up with trout fishing in america.

They poured the concrete for the new showers in back of the kerr-tree store complex. There will be 2 hot water, coin-operated showers, and 6 cold water showers.

Forgot to tell everyone about the changes at Chapel Hill... That old sort-of-shade thing with the trees/boughs/misc stuff has been torn down, and they've put up 12 tall poles. This festival they're hanging tarps from them to provide more shade, but there will be something more permanent in the future.

It's amazing how much we forget, being here for the entire festival There are people arriving on the ranch today who are kerrvirgins. people who have never been on the ranch. While we're on day 17 of the festival, and have experienced all the ebbs and flows of the energy that runs through the ranch during the course of the festival, this is all brand new Day 1 to them..

I managed to get to chapel hill today for the ballad tree. It's been getting the short end of my priority list.. But, after listening to some of the excellent stuff being played there, you remember why you try to be there all the time... great stuff from people you will never know... and people you will know... you just "never know"...

There were plenty of people and energy on the ranch last night. However, song circles were fewer than expected. It seems to me that there are a lot fewer players on the ranch than one would normally expect. So, the audience was here, the show was in short supply.. There were campfires and music all around, but the abundance of singer/songwriter types from the first 11 days of the festival was no longer in evidence, at least in the lower meadow...

People are talking about teardown, it's 8AM in the morning and i've woken up already. Starting to organize my stuff to make the process easier. Boy, it was a lot more fun getting here and planted WITH someone, than it is plowing up and packing the homestead alone.

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn

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