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Kerrville 2001 - Day 12

It's about 9PM, and I've decided to pass on tonight's threadgill show. Bill and Bonnie hearne are playing, but it's time to spend some quiet time with friends.. Woody, Gary, lisa markley, paul sanchez, tom payne, and others are all sitting around camp coho relaxing and comparing notes about the festival, the music, the highlites so far, and some bad jokes... Rule # 1, if you're ever at a folk festival, and the jokes start, it's time to head for the hills... Folk musicians do not do gigs at Uncle Funny's comedy club for a reason...

Nashville was dark, nashbill was closed, singkerrnicity had a small circle going with some pretty dulcimer sounds as we walked by. We went over chapel hill and down to cuisine. It's the first time i've been able to get there this festival. Bill and Bonnie hearne were holding court, to the accompanyment of numerous beautiful sounds. Continuing on after awhile, we headed over to Jack Motley's "Camp on this".

Geoff Bartley and Tim Mason were doing a 10PM threadgill guerilla gig, and we could hear it from Camp on this. Looked to be a bout 100 people in attendance. I would estimate there were slightly under 200 people the other night at the al grierson tribute..

If it wasn't a full moon night, it was about as close as you can get... cool breezes, full moon, and all the peace and spirit of the ranch just whistling through the trees.. Close your eyes, and see if you can remember the crickets.. You can lay in bed and listen to them while you slowly drift off to the sounds of stephanie corby coming from camp stupid about 2AM..

No sightings of Niki Lehman, Amelia Spicer, or nancy hewitt.. Anybody know if they're headed here for the last weekend ??

MaryMartha says to say hello to greg cagno. she's still alive, well, and writing and singing. Unfortunatley, her 9 year old dachshund died yesterday..

EllenB's leaving the ranch today.. she's gonna need lots of hugs to sustain her when she gets home.. so, everyone chip in..

gotta go bake some more bread... catch y'all tomorrow... Please feel free to toss your kerr-thoughts onto the pile..

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn

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